Case Study

Drainage Surveys / Gully Inspections, North West


Various Clients



Role of SSC:

SSC Management Group were tasked to carry out drainage cleansing and CCTV surveys which is compliant under the WRC system of coding on various assets such as,

  • Road Gullies
  • Kerb Drainage Runs (beanies)
  • Mainline Highway Drainage Systems
  • Manhole cleansing & full structural Survey Cards


Project Size:

65,000 gullies / Drains Approx.

Scope of Project:

Carry out Surveys on Drains and inspect / maintain rainwater gullies across the North West.

Investigation 2
Investigation 3

SSC Management Group engaged with our client to create a program of works for the cleansing, surveying and inspecting of Approximately 65,000 Gully assets and various Highway Linear Drainage Sewers to ensure the works could be completed as efficient as possible. Once we had a program of works in place and agreed with our client, we then passed that information on to our trained and competent drainage operatives who then attended site at various locations to carry out all works ensuring that the demands of our client were met. Our client set an objective to have the work on every drain and gully complete within 18 months and thanks to our hard-working and skilful operatives we were able to meet this objective successfully.