Case Study

Highways Health & Safety Inspections/Audits, North West


Amey Consulting



Aim: Our Solution

To deliver outstanding health and safety services by engaging and listening to our Client and partners needs and expectations, recommending simple sensible proportionate risk management solutions. To provide expert health and safety guidance and support to Amey Consulting assisting in bringing Civil Engineering projects in on time, on budget and safely.

Objective: The Clients Request

Appointed by our Client Amey Consulting to regulate and monitor highways schemes to ensure health and safety was adhered in practice. As appointed Health and Safety Advisors/Consultants we monitored compliance of all duty holders with health and safety laws and the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 in order to protect persons at work including persons who may be affected by their activities.


Safety Support Consultants (SSC) were appointed by Amey Consulting to manage and monitor health and safety compliance within the construction phases of their highway infrastructure civil projects throughout the Northwest of England to ensure working practices were adhered onsite throughout the full duration of the projects. We carried out fortnightly health and safety inspections and audit reports, which included the involvement of representatives from both the Client and the Principle Contractor (PC) with the aim to identify good practice and highlight areas which require further improvement or immediate action. The findings which included recommendations of corrective action where communicated to the site management team both verbally and by email. These findings would be formulated into fortnightly site safety inspection reports for the attention of the Client and the management team. In order to ensure compliance SSC also carried out monthly site safety inspection audit reports which again would include the presence of the PCs health and safety representative and the Project Manager. We would seek to build strong relationships with both site personal and the management team by actively engaging in health, safety and environmental discussions throughout our site inspections to influence positive change in unsafe behaviour and unsafe conditions and highlight areas of good practice.


Our Client works across a wide range of high risk dynamic civil engineering projects throughout the North West and required a complete project health and safety compliance solution to enable them to fulfil their legal obligations under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulation 2015. Whilst also ensuring other duty holders maintained the same standard of compliance in protecting the health, safety and welfare of persons at work and anybody who may have been affected by the works. Naturally, our Client was fully aware of the complex and challenging nature of the works coupled with the tight deadlines and the potential for unsafe acts and unsafe conditions which had the potential to cause harm to both workers and the public.


Our aim was to embed ourselves within the project management team from the outset using our friendly but firm professional approach towards health and safety to assist the management team. Naturally, our main aim is to ensure the health, safety and welfare of all persons affected by the work activities. We set and deliver high standards of health and safety performance and ensure that both working practices and working conditions are maintained and monitored to the highest standards to prevent accident, incidents and near-miss. We achieve our goals by engaging with our Client, the site management team and contractors to take ownership of the health and safety of their own working areas and projects. We monitor compliance by carrying out regular site safety inspections and audits to ensure our high standards of compliance are maintained.


We fully engaged with our Client, the management team and site operatives from the outset to set and deliver the highest standards of health and safety in practice on site. When we arrived onsite health and safety performance was at an unacceptable level and in some instances, there was potential for unsafe practices and unsafe conditions to cause harm to both employees and the public. Naturally, implementing changes in behaviour is never easy particularly when you are working on behalf of your Client for Principle Contractors who cannot understand why you are monitoring their activities, as they have their own Health and Safety Manager. We believe the hostility was mainly due a lack of understanding from other duty holders who may have felt we were identifying health and safety concerns and gaps which may have a negative impact. There have been numerous safety concerns identified and actioned, some of which may have went unnoticed without our intervention and all had the potential to cause harm or attract the attention of the Health and Safety Executive HSE. We have seen significant changes in health and safety performance since we arrived across all our Clients civils projects, we believe the results have been achieved through perseverance and challenging unsafe behaviours. We also carry out site inspections and audits with the Project Manager and the PCs Health and Safety Manager this way, we can challenge and discuss areas of concern and agree and implement practical and proportionate control measures. Using these methods, we noticed a mutual respect and change in behaviour towards our Consultants, it seemed we had been excepted. When we write our reports, we strongly enthesis areas of good practice, the PC soon realised that our collaboration was paying off and that on-site safety and behaviour was making huge improvements which was recognised by the Client. Many more Clients are seeking our health and safety services as they realise, they have a considerable influence over the way in which the works are carried out. Clients want assurance they are receiving impartial advice, guidance and support by a third party providing a new perspective.