Case Study

Health & Safety & Principal Designer, Liverpool


The Excange



Aim: Our Solution

To deliver outstanding health and safety services by engaging and listening to our Client and partners needs and expectations, recommending simple sensible proportionate risk management solutions.

Objective: The Clients Request

Appointed by our Client to act as their “Competent Person “as Health and Safety Advisor/Consultants and Principal Designer to set up and monitor on-site health and safety management systems and procedures to comply with health and safety laws and the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 in order to protect persons at work including persons who may be affected by their activities.


SSC Management Group have been appointed as Principle Designer and under Safety Support Consultants, Health and Safety Advisor by The Exchange Construction Group to oversee the construction/refurbishment of the high-profile Exchange student accommodation with a project value of 10 million. The Exchange Construction look forward to engaging with SSC and completing the Exchange project, giving students of Liverpool their homes back. The project is for 480 affordable student apartments with a Gym, shops, communal spaces, and a courtyard located on the ground level. SSC Management Group have facilitated the roles of, Principle Designer and H&S Advisors/Consultants to this project, ensuring health and safety compliance. Our Client The Exchange Construction Group acquired this development after the previous developer unfortunately went into liquidation. The Exchange Construction Ltd, with the assistance of SSC Management Group, identified local sub-contractors to work on this project as using local labour is important to SSC and our Client. Our Client will aim to complete this project by September 2020. Work is now underway to complete the stalled Exchange student accommodation project that is located on the former Odeon Cinema site on London Road in Liverpool.


There are many challenges to overcome, one of which is the dynamic environment and the complex nature of the activities due to the work that had already been completed by the previous developer coupled with ensuring day to day site safety was maintained and that public safety was not compromised. When SSC arrived on site and due to the site already being part completed and actually having residents (who were relocated) in there from the previous developer and a part completion certificate had been issued, the project was still technically in the construction phase with small works in progress. However, once we carried an initial site safety inspection audit report it was identified that the project was none compliant with the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015. We immediately informed our Client who temporarily stopped all site activities to establish the full extent and nature of problem. Normally, the Principal Designer would be appointed at the start of the project to plan, manage, and monitor the pre-construction phase and coordinate matters relating to health and safety in the design stage to ensure that foreseeable risks are identified eliminated or controlled. However, as the project was acquired by our Client after the project was partially built much of the design information was not available making it much more difficult to understand the principles of design without design drawing and technical specifications.


SSC with assistance from our Client created and implemented a health and safety strategy which considered time, budget and that quality and safety would not be compromised. We put our plan into practice with our Clients approval and created and implemented a complete project management health and safety compliance tracker. Our aim as Principal Designer was to rebuild strong relationships between all duty holders using the 4Cs communication, coordination, consultation, and consultation which we at SSC believe are the key to ensuring all duty holders are fulfilling their legal obligation under CDM 2015. We engaged with the project management team to put our strategy in to practice using the findings from our health and safety audit report to make recommendations to management of corrective action. In order to ensure compliance, we review the full health and safety management system to ensure the statement of intentions towards health and safety is place and signed by the most senior member in the organisation to demonstrate commitment. In order to implement the systems, we ensure that duties and responsibilities have been assigned and allocated to enable implementation of the systems and procedures in practice, these are the arrangements to manage significant risks on-site ensuring that sensible proportionate control measures are in place prior to works. We would seek to build strong relationships with both site personal and the management team by actively engaging in health, safety and environmental discussions to influence positive change in unsafe behaviour and unsafe conditions and highlight areas of good practice.

The Exchange

Since we arrived on site and implemented the proposed health and safety management strategy the site is now fully compliant with the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015. The most recent site safety audit inspection score was recorded at 89.32% which is testimony to the hard work and commitment from the management team towards onsite health and safety. We believe the results which have been achieved are due to our vision and commitment to build relationships with our clients so that we work as one team, collaborating and coordinating together which helps to perform to the highest standards and produce results that have been achieved. When we arrived onsite for the first time naturally the site management were not exactly welcoming us on to site. However, we worked collaboratively with our Client and the Management team using our skills and expertise to apply and interpret simple, sensible and proportionate health and safety solutions to ensure all activities were carried out safely on behalf of our Client. Since we first arrived on site we have noticed a significant change in behaviour towards SSC from both management and operatives we are now recognises as valued members of the site team by both managers and operatives rather than independent Consultant which has made implementing changes and recommendations much easier to communicate and implement in practice on site. Since our arrival, all systems and procedures have been implemented and are in place and monitored. Our continual aim, through all the services we offer, is to achieve zero harm by implementing best practices and having a programme of continuous improvement that addresses behaviours. Although, there have been no accidents and incidents resulting in harm we believe that this is a direct result of our campaign on the Exchange to promote the reporting of near misses since the start of the project. This near miss data has allowed the management team to act after an event occurred which had the potential to cause harm and learn from these mistakes. Then use the data to look at what went wrong and put control measures in place to prevent a reoccurrence and use this information to re-educate the workforce on what went wrong to change behaviour and prevent and reduce unsafe conditions and unsafe behaviours.