Case Study

Health & Safety Inspections, North West


Crossfield Living



Aim: Our Solution

To deliver outstanding health and safety services by engaging and listening to our Client and partners needs and expectations, recommending simple sensible proportionate risk management solutions. To provide expert health and safety guidance and support to Crossfield Group assisting in bringing the projects in on time, on budget and safely.

Objective: The Clients Request

Appointed by our Client to act as their “Competent Person “as Health and Safety Advisor/Consultants and Principal Designer to set up and monitor on-site health and safety management systems and procedures to comply with health and safety laws and the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 in order to protect persons at work including persons who may be affected by their activities.


SSC Management Group have been appointed by Crossfield Living (CL) to act as their “appointed persons” on all matters relating to health and safety throughout the business to enable compliance with health and safety laws and protect persons at work including persons who may be affected by the activities. Crossfield Living covers a wide range of housing needs across both the public and private sectors and build developments of high-end luxury and affordable new build homes. SSC provide advice, guidance and support to assist and enable our Client to successfully plan, manage, monitoring and coordinate their construction activities in both the pre-construction and construction phases of their projects. We currently manage the health and safety on multiple CL sites across the North West of England. SSC fully understand the extent and nature of the works as we were involved in the project from the pre-construction phase and throughout the construction phase of the projects. At SSC we really get to know the Project Managers and Contractors as on many of our projects we actively provide guidance and support on a daily basis by phone and on-site. This is what our Client has come to expect from our expert teams to successfully create and deliver bespoke packages and drawing using their years of knowledge gained from managing complex and challenging capital and construction projects.


Our Client required a complete project health and safety compliance solution to enable them to fulfil their legal obligations under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulation 2015 whilst also ensuring other duty holders maintained the same standard of compliance in protecting the health, safety and welfare of persons at work and anybody who may have been effected by the works. Naturally, our Client is fully aware of the complex and challenging nature of the works they undertake, coupled with the tight deadlines and the potential for unsafe acts and unsafe conditions which have the potential to cause harm to both workers and the public. In the past Crossfield Living (CL) have continuously planned , managed, monitored and coordinated their activities to ensure they have carried out there due diligence of contractors in the planning stage ensuring the systems and procedures were implemented and monitored in practice to ensure the health, safety and welfare of employees and persons affected by the work activities. As any Principal Contractor will know achieving this in practice daily can be extremely challenging particularly when faced with complex and challenging problems with time and budget constraints to balance. When we arrived on site and carried out our site safety health and safety inspection audit report and completed a trend analysis, we identified that the lowest site safety inspection audit score was recorded at 64.5 percent across all CL sites. So, the problem was how do they/we raise and maintain the standards of health and safety across all CL sites in practice.


We all know at SSC that balancing the risk between our legal, moral and financial obligations can be difficult, particularly when health and safety is becoming more and more owner us, with the language becoming harder to interpret and apply in practice. Our aim was to embed ourselves within the project management team from the outset using our friendly but professional approach towards health and safety to assist the management team. Our consultants use their expert health and safety experience, knowledge and skills to apply sensible but proportionate risk management solutions, advise, guidance and support. We use simple tried and tested methods to engage with managers and operatives on site, we aim to influence change in unsafe behaviours and promote safe behaviour by engaging with both managers and operatives to develop new understanding of safer working practices and the benefits of working safely to improve the standards of health, safety and wellbeing. Naturally, this is a learning journey and can only be achieved as a collaboration between all parties by looking at what went wrong and what can we do to raise health and safety standards of health and safety onsite. We start by analysing historical health and safety data such as safety inspections and audit reports and cases of accidents, incidents and near-misses to establish the extent and nature of the problem. This information can then be used to understand the health and safety “culture” and apply methods of corrective action to change and influence unsafe behaviours and unsafe practices.

Alexandra Drive

When we arrived on site and carried out our initial trend analysis to establish the extent and nature of the problem there was evidence of cases accident, incident and near-misses and although none resulted in serious harm there was evidence of unsafe behaviours and unsafe practices which resulted in harm or potential harm. Or order to reduce accident, incidents and near-misses we carryout fortnightly site safety inspection audit reports with findings for corrective action to be actioned by the Project Manager. These recommendations of corrective action were communicated on site in many cases actioned out on site by talking about the problem or hazard and applying proportionate risk management solutions. However, in cases were more time was required these were allocated time scales depending on the severity with immediate safety concerns taking priority. These site safety inspection audit report findings would be followed up with fortnightly site safety support visits to ensure the findings from the site safety audit reports were actioned out by the Project Manager and to establish if additional advise, guidance and support maybe required. We use the structure of our audit system to ensure and maintain compliance with health and safety law and the Construction (design and management) regulation 2015. We use the system to track health and safety compliance on a fortnightly basis to ensure all previous recommendation our actioned out by the project management team to ensure compliance. Since we arrived on site the site safety inspection audit score has increased significantly, but what really matters is our Client has noticed a considerable improvement in health and safety performance leading to a significant reduction in unsafe acts and unsafe conditions on site. This has been reflected in the CL site health and safety performance scores across all sites, when we arrived on site, we recorded scores as low at 64.5 percent. Following our intervention and engagement with the management team and site operatives the site safety audit inspection scores have risen significantly to 97.78 percent, this is a huge achievement between the management team and site operatives. In order to overcome the challenges we faced, we applied the basic principles of health and safety management which we believe to be the 4 Cs communication, co-operation, consultation and co-ordination, to engage, influence, challenge and raise awareness to improve health and safety performance and ensure compliance. We seek to solve our Clients problems, we don’t believe in short terms solutions, we solve the problem by looking at the source of what went wrong and put in place sustainable solutions that raise standards across the business and lead to a positive health and safety culture which drives safety performance.