Case Study

Drainage Investigation and Cleansing Works, The Royal Albert Dock





Aim: Our Solution

To deliver outstanding services to our Client through our commitment to deliver cost effective innovative solutions with zero disruption to business activities and deliver to tight deadlines on time every time without compromising on safety or quality.

Objective: The Clients Request

To carry out full structural investigation CCTV surveys and drainage cleansing works around the Royal Albert Dock.


SSC Utilities were appointed by CBRE to undertake full structural CCTV surveys to identify blockages and/or damaged pipework in a network around the Royal Albert Dock. We also carried out full cleansing works on the drainage network and removed any root ingress included as part of our cleansing and intrusive survey. Our client requested that we complete structural asset surveys of all manhole chambers to identify shape, diameter and depths, which includes photographs of each asset and is included within our high specification reporting, along with the updated site drawings to show pipe sizes and direction of flow for each individual drainage run. Our client also requested a thorough investigation of the drainage network in the Royal Albert Dock to ensure that services are capable of keeping up with the growing tourist capacity that visit the city hotspot every day.

Equipment Used

Minicam Proteus System including Crawler Unit.


Naturally over time, a drainage network will develop issues that can be created by the ageing of materials and the movement of the ground of which they are set. Also, you have to consider human factors with the Royal Albert Dock occupying over 6 million tourists every year, the drains clog up with litter that have been either blown or washed into the gully network or by general littering in the area.


The best solution to conquer the issues above are to be pro-active rather than re-active. It is vital to carry out annual full structural / investigation surveys and cleansing works on the complete drainage network. Our competent and qualified drainage engineers will carry out cleansing works before a CCTV investigation survey is carried out. This will ensure that there will be no hidden defects behind dirt or encrustation and that our state-of-the-art CCTV cameras will be able to spot any defects and ensure that they are documented for our Client.

Albert Dock 8


During our week-long visit to the Royal Albert Dock, SSC Management Group engaged with our Client to carry out the required surveys on 123 gullies using state of the art, specialist CCTV equipment and fully cleanse the network to ensure gullies are running at full capacity. During our visit we engaged with the estates management team to ensure the business remained full operational and remained open to the public for the full duration of our works. In order to achieve this, we planned, managed, monitored and co-ordinated our activities to minimise disruption. We used physical barriers and signage to maintain the safety of the public and divert traffic safely away from our activities. We carried out the work with no reported accidents, incidents or near-misses, at SSC we take the safety of our employees and the public very seriously and carryout stringent daily checks of plant, equipment, and working areas to ensure they meet are high standard of health and safety compliance and our commitment to achieving zero harm. We have now been appointed by our Client to carry out the remedial works by method of No Dig Technology such as full length CIPP lining or Patch Lining Repair works on 31 gullies approximately as the CCTV structural surveys identified multiple defects within the drainage network.